My 50 + Web Design Courses

My 50+ Web Design Courses

I've been creating courses on pretty much every aspect of web design for the past six years over at Web Design Tuts+.

I've covered:

  • Learning HTML and CSS from scratch
  • Responsive web design
  • WordPress theme dev
  • Theme dev for platforms like Ghost, Craft, Bolt and others
  • Web typography
  • Site optimisation
  • Understanding rem and em units
  • Working with SVG
  • Designing with Figma
  • Designing with Adobe XD
  • Using the VisBug plugin for Chrome
  • Using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo

And a bunch of other topics that fall in between major umbrella categories.

You can take a look at all the courses I've created here:

My 50+ Web Design Courses

You can also browse and read all my Tuts+ free tutorials from the same area.

For a while now the courses side of Tuts+ has been rolled in with the Envato Elements membership service, which is basically like Spotify but for design and code assets. You get access to a bunch of themes, graphics, stock photos, fonts, themes and so on with unlimited downloads for a flat subscription.

So if you're interested in taking any of my courses, and / or getting access to a massive stack of design and code assets, head over and check out Elements.

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